AICON INDUSTRY transforms energy.

High technology, Italian quality.
High technical competence and customer orientation.
AICON INDUSTRY epitomizes these features and constructs cutting-edge products to assist and support its customers operating in competitive, continually evolving mature markets.

Technical reliability and ease of use.
These are the two pillars that support all AICON INDUSTRY products.
The company is engaged in the design, production, marketing and servicing of electronic controls and complete systems of power tools and accessories intended for equipping vehicles with total electric traction, and hybrids.
Quality is our trademark, rigorous selection of raw materials, precision in every production process and attention to detail: the balance of these factors allows the company to offer a complete catalogue which, in addition to electronic drives for controlling both AC and DC engines, includes multifunction cards, power supplies, DC / DC chargers, high and low frequency battery charger, charging status indicators and many other accessories designed to fully realize any type of application.

Maximum performance for your every need.
The AICON INDUSTRY team is made ​​up of professionals who share specialized, technical and business skills that
allow the company to play a significant role in the most important industrial sectors: logistics, automotive, industrial
cleaning, agriculture, automation, lifting, physical disabilities and alternative energy.
The company is actively involved in the complex retrofit market, applying new generation products and technology to vehicles that have been on the market for years allowing the complete regeneration of their operating features.
At AICON INDUSTRY we like to do a wide variety of things.

  • Tecnologia d’Avanguardia per l’industria

    The team AICON INDUSTRY is made ​​up of professionals who share specialized and technical and business skills that allow the company to operate cross-starring in the most important industrial sectors.
    Design, production, marketing, support.
    Electronic power devices and control logics for electric and hybrid applications.

  • Our Contacts

    (+39) 051 - 41.28.171
    (+39) 051 – 41.28.377



  • Aicon Industry S.r.l.


    Via Statale 20/a
    44042 Cento, Fraz. Corporeno (FE)

    P.IVA: 01922830383
    REA: FE – 210251
    Social capital: € 100.000,00

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