The new range of xMD controllers was designed to run in direct current motors with permanent magnets and is offered in a wide range of hardware and software settings making the product suitable for multiple application solutions.

All products are unified by precise design criteria: high frequency, MOSFET technology, regenerative braking energy recovery.

The total management of all functions with the latest generation of microprocessors enhances the driving sensations, providing the driver with the right amount of confidence during handling allowing he/she to maintain control of the vehicle in any conditions.

The complete, advanced management software allows the achievement of maximum customized driving dynamics and attains a guaranteed optimum set up for any type of vehicle or appliance.

Thanks to the Boost function, the electronic controls can temporarily supply the engine with the extra power needed to meet the transitory energy requirements in specific working conditions, such as overcoming medium/long gradients at the same time avoiding damage to the electric engine.

Respect for high design standards and the implementation of components used in the automotive sector make the range of xMD products secure and reliable allowing compliance with strict safety regulations.

Main Advantages

  • High performance controllers, easily configured and of compact size.

  • Versatile use: single-engine (drive and steering) and twin-engine applications driven or operated externally.

  • Flexible software: customized inputs and outputs to allow the correct set up based on the application.

  • Ample availability of settings: Standard / CAN OPEN / OPEN FRAME / IP65.

  • Simple, quick installation.

  • Intuitive programming.

  • Handling of engines with a rated output of over 2.400W.

  • Conformity to standard communication CAN OPEN.

Technical Features

  • Conformity to standard communication CAN OPEN.

  • Progressive starting: adjustable acceleration.

  • Regenerative braking energy recovery.

  • Auto HOLD: uphill assistance feature.

  • BOOST function: parameterized extra power.

  • Driving can be blocked during battery charging.

  • Factory fitted safety fuses.

  • No external remote control switches.

  • Advanced Real Time diagnostics.

  • Safety relay installed within device.

  • Signal management provided by ENCODER, phonic wheels and in general frequency.

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply: multi voltage from 12V to 36V.

  • Available versions: 70A / 80A / 100A / 125A / 150A / 200A.

  • Operating efficiency: 96%.

  • Temperature: -20°C / +40°C.

  • Mechanical connection to the engine and battery: M5 terminals.

  • Weight: 700 gr. (Open Frame) – 1.100 gr. (IP65)

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