Our team is our strength. We are proud of our work.

team aiconMotivation, enthusiasm and professionalism.

All our staff operate according to a concept of “teamwork” in which each member provides his/her own contribution. Our aim is to create a customer-focused business organization with expertise that is flexible and responsive.

Continual training and professional development.

The knowledge of our people is our wealth..
The professional experience that each employee shares with AICON INDUSTRY allows the company to create great products and offer exceptional services.

AICON INDUSTRY guarantees each person a real opportunity to grow both personally and professionally through personal reward schemes.

Attentive staff recruiting.

AICON INDUSTRY pays particular attention when engaging new employees, evaluating and selecting applicants in accordance with the values ​​and the “vision” of the company.
The culture and values ​of our members of staff constitute an intangible heritage and enrich our every day values ensuring the success of the team as a whole.

We have a strong sense of responsibility towards our staff and creating added value for the customer.

AICON INDUSTRY is continuously upgrading its working methods to ensure total clarity which in turn secures a relationship of trust with our customers and suppliers, ensuring total supervision of all project stages:

  1. Each technical and commercial request is executed with precision and immediacy.
  2. Efficiency and confidence when solving problems.
  3. Speedy and secure delivery of goods.

  • Tecnologia d’Avanguardia per l’industria

    The team AICON INDUSTRY is made ​​up of professionals who share specialized and technical and business skills that allow the company to operate cross-starring in the most important industrial sectors.
    Design, production, marketing, support.
    Electronic power devices and control logics for electric and hybrid applications.

  • Our Contacts

    (+39) 051 - 41.28.171
    (+39) 051 – 41.28.377



  • Aicon Industry S.r.l.


    Via Statale 20/a
    44042 Cento, Fraz. Corporeno (FE)

    P.IVA: 01922830383
    REA: FE – 210251
    Social capital: € 100.000,00

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