xTILLER HEAD – Steering Control

The xTILLER HEAD steering control is a command and control interface mainly installed in vehicles used in logistics, with or without operators on board.
The multiple function settings allow it to be used in a variety of fields of application connected to the handling of materials.

  • Technical work instrument for vehicle manufacturers and mobile applications looking for a ready to use complete solution;
  • Versatile product due to its functional settings, ready for use in specific customized situations or for standard applications. Ideal for small batches or mass production;
  • Ergonomic accessory, simple and intuitive to use, designed drawing upon the experience and needs acquired by the industry.

Anti crushing button
Designed to insure the driver’s safety in all working conditions, even when the steering wheel is in a vertical position.
Throttle Control Interface
Maximum ergonomics and no “sharp edges” to increase comfort and quality for all operators during use.
Visual intuitiveness at all times during operational directions and the position of said operation through graphic icons.
Solid and Resistant Basic Structure
All parts are designed to allow the product to last over time and to be reliable and functional even in hostile working environments.
Mechanical Connection
Maximum section : d.35 mm.
Electrical Connection
Basic configuration : auxiliary wiring with a length of 2,000 mm. Customization possible.

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