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Aicon Industry Srl - Tecnologia d’Avanguardia per l’Industria

High-level technical skills and customer focus. 

AICON INDUSTRY embodies all these qualities and builds state-of-the-art products, guiding and supporting a clientele that operates in mature, competitive, constantly-evolving markets.               

Reliable technology and ease of use

These are the two foundations on which all AICON INDUSTRY products are built.

The company deals in the design, construction, marketing and servicing of electronic MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) devices for instruments, accessories and complete systems, which are used mainly in electric traction vehicles.

Quality as a hallmark, rigorous selection of raw materials, precision in every manufacturing process and attention to detail: by achieving a balance of these elements the company can offer a complete catalogue of electronic devices, including low and high-frequency battery chargers, load status indicators and many new accessories designed for use with any type of application.

Achieving maximum performance for any requirement.

The AICON INDUSTRY team comprises a mix of associated professional specialists with distinct, complementary specialisms and commercial skills, which means the company can operate as a leading player in all the principal industrial sectors: agriculture, automotive, automation, watercraft, and alternative and renewable energies.

The company operates actively in the agriculture sector with machines powered exclusively by electrical propulsion, deploying innovative products for recharging both lead and lithium batteries from renewable sources and guaranteeing significantly extended battery life.

AICON INDUSTRY specialises in distinctiveness.