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People make the difference.


In a technological world that’s constantly changing, human capital is a characteristic feature of AICON INDUSTRY; the driving force that determines our development, our growth and our collective wellbeing.

AICON INDUSTRY is always ready to expand its workforce and introduce motivated individuals prepared to take on the challenges the market presents on a daily basis and create prominent, high-quality products and services.

AICON INDUSTRY applicants.
AICON INDUSTRY is looking for dynamic, creative individuals who approach any task they’re assigned to with confidence, initiative and passion, and can manage the professional responsibilities attached to it in a decisive manner.
The ideal candidate must be prepared to take the company’s vision fully on board and be convinced that they can make a difference, and consequently that they can increase the value of the team.

AICON INDUSTRY provides all employees with the opportunity to work in a highly innovative sector with an international sphere of reference.
Everyone is given the potential to enhance their personal experience profile, to build a solid, multidisciplinary professional pathway and to benefit from a specific rewards system for their profile.

AICON INDUSTRY’s approach to recruitment.
There are several ways you can apply to AICON INDUSTRY:

  • Submit an application for a professional post advertised by the company.
  • Complete the online form.
  • Send us your CV.

All documents received will be stored in the company’s database for evaluation and processing by the Human Resources Department.
Any applicants we consider to be consistent with the company’s requirements will be contacted to proceed with the selection process for the position they are interested in.


Send the C.V. through this web form, your application will be presented in real time and you will not have to send your cv by mail!
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