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A solution for every requirement.

Services Aicon IndustryWhen you choose AICON INDUSTRY for your occupational needs, you’re assured of the support and guidance of a company that has the structure and expertise to carry your project through.

A team of qualified, motivated professionals with many years’ combined experience in electronics, IT and mechanics.

It is this mix of collective experience and aptitude for designing and developing new technological solutions that gives the company an edge in offering tailor-made, custom products and services.


AICON INDUSTRY offers specialist engineering and consulting services to evaluate every technical and operational aspect of the project, from initial concept to creation and selection of the right products. From initial prototype to serial production. AICON INDUSTRY designs both ‘standard’ catalogue items, and components and installations to precise customer specifications.


Quality is AICON INDUSTRY’s most important value, and we have developed a complete range of technological products and accessories, ranging from individual devices to complete electrical and electronic systems. All our production processes are rigorously monitored and continuously updated, so we are able to guarantee the highest production standards at all times.


AICON INDUSTRY uses its own commercial network to respond quickly and efficiently customer requirements, identifying the ideal solution for any specific need.


AICON INDUSTRY offers a complete after-sales and specialist support service for both individual products and complete systems, carrying out detailed maintenance and inspection operations to refurbish damaged components and restoring them to as-new condition.