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E.S.M. Energy Storage Moving

ESM is an innovative system that produces electricity from a renewable source, generated by a 4.5kWp photovoltaic panel system, installed on board of a trailer approved for road circulation. It can store the energy produced in LiFePO4 lithium batteries, towable with any means of transport (automobiles, coaches, motorhomes, tractors etc.).
Mechanical handling of the photovoltaic system within the container allows for the storage of the 6 or 9 panels and for the reduction of the overall dimensions to a single panel, thus enabling the regular transport of the platform.

Version featuring 6 panels, 500W each, for a total installed power of 3KW.
Version featuring 9 panels, 500W each, for a total installed power of 4.5KW.

230VAC output
3000W power

From a minimum of 4KWh to a maximum of 30KWh.

Optional recharge socket; Scame Type 3A 230V – 16A single phase electric power, maximum power of 3.7KW, recharge for light vehicles, scooters, quadricycles and bicycles. OPTIONAL
Recharge socket for hybrid vehicles. OPTIONAL
230V 16A single phase industry standard socket
Schuko standard socket

Steel sheet structure with anticorrosion treatment, it houses the battery pack, the storage system of the photovoltaic panels, electronic components with IP54 protection rating, electric panel etc. The trailer only has one axis and falls under the light trailer category, with a maximum capacity of 750kg and a payload of 150kg. It comes with its own registration certification and license plate, it can be towed all across Europe by any vehicle equipped with a regular towing hook. Box size: Width 160cm, length 220cm, height 110cm, total length (including the steering wheel) 280cm. The trailer can be registered in compliance with the traffic code.


In detail:

  • Agriculture – multiple uses, in particular supplying energy to all electrically operated equipment for harvesting olives, fruit, harvesting of wine grapes, pruning in general, for irrigation pumps, but also for animal farming. The goal is to limit handling with endothermic engines (the system can be integrated with either photovoltaic or wind-power systems already present in the agricultural enterprises).
  • Gardens, Parks – for the maintenance of gardens, public and private parks, plant nurseries in general where tools that run on hydrocarbon are forbidden or not recommended, thus limiting noise and eliminating polluting emissions.
  • Motorhomes, coaches, campsites, tent camps – as a service for campers or as a permanent or emergency post in full energy independence, self-produced and self-consumed;
  • Trailer Tent – equipped unit for moving in a tent with regenerative energy with you.
  • Portable refrigerators – both those installed permanently on means of transport and stationary and/or camping refrigeration units.
  • Mountain huts, often isolated for long periods – allowing for the on-site transport of STORAGE MOVING and the production of the necessary energy for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Extender for electric cars – the problem of limited autonomy of electric vehicles can be solved by hooking the tow STORAGE MOVING, thus allowing for alternations for unlimited distances.
  • Street Food or food truck systems – it can be an important asset for the entire street distribution in restricted traffic areas, in areas where noise and pollution can be a problem or a constraint, given the lack of connection points to the public electrical network.
  • Field unit for defense applications – it can have both a passive function as a field unit, and an active function, working as an autonomous unit for remote places and very long periods of inactivity.
  • Bike Sharing – this “nomad activity” will be equipped with an autonomous system for mobile charging stations for electric bikes or scooters, easily deployable in the strategic locations of the city, beach areas, natural parks etc., guaranteeing the owners a free and zero-impact energy source.
  • Cluster Solution – the cluster solution allows for the installation on DC buses of multiple ENERGY STORAGE MOVING systems, be they movable or stationary. This allows for both an exchange of energy between the various platforms and the production of higher levels of power.
  • Residential photovoltaic storage function – the ENERGY STORAGE MOVING system can provide the energy stored by the system to households, if they already have a photovoltaic system that can connect to the photovoltaic system of the ENERGY STORAGE MOVING system. If the household does not have a photovoltaic system installed, the ENERGY STORAGE MOVING system directly generates and provides 230VAC energy, from the network disconnector and in compliance with the existing rules. The ENERGY STORAGE MOVING system, with a simple operation, can be disconnected from the system and enjoy all its functions, this versatility sets it apart from the already existing products on the market, which only have the stationary residential function.
  • Application and self-propelled integration – on small electric vehicles intended for transport, on which the ENERGY STORAGE MOVING system is applied with all its functions, it provides the energy source for the powertrain propulsion, no longer towed by the dedicated trailer but directly on board and handled by the vehicle itself.
  • Mobile radio relay station – useful in emergency situations, electrical blackouts and if fuel supply is not a viable option.