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MPPT Sunrise

(Maximum Power Point Tracker) – For Light With Energy Inside
mppt sunrise aicon industry
MPPT Sunrise Aicon Industry

MPPT_SUNRISE is a highly energy efficient charge controller, able to maximize the power delivered by the photovoltaic panel in every solar radiation condition.

Inside an innovative control algorithm has been implemented, which is able to reach the point of maximum power in few milliseconds: this is a very important feature for applications that require a pursuit of maximum power with high dynamics, such as road vehicles, or in continuous motion, such as recreational vehicles, golf carts, boats etc.

The battery charging algorithm allows for the use of different chemistries such as lead acid, lithium iron phosphate, lithium ions and lithium polymers.

Unlike many other competitors, MPPT_SUNRISE has been conceived to recharge lithium batteries through direct interfacing via CAN_BUS ISO 11898-1 with BMS_SLAVE units mounted directly on the battery pack, basing the recharge algorithm on the maximum voltage cell and not only on the maximum voltage of the pack.

The MPPT_SUNRISE units present in the photovoltaic system can be interconnected through a CAN_BUS network, thus allowing for the monitoring of all the quantities of interest with a single display device or through a PC graphic interface.

MPPT_SUNRISE is a device designed to be integrated more easily into existing systems to improve how they work, in fact, it allows for the reception of two external analog signals and two digital input signals, it also has free relay contacts, respectively normally closed and open.

In particular, concerning electric traction vehicles, a Hall effect current sensor can be connected to measure the battery current to the drive and then calculate the ampere hours actually absorbed by the battery, thus updating the state of charge during the power absorption phases, avoiding the inconvenience of an incorrect estimate of the battery state of charge.

By coupling the current sensor with a temperature sensor housed in contact with the battery, the state of charge can also be corrected based on the temperature of the battery itself.

MPPT Specifications