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We capture the intrinsic property of the best technologies available on the market.

Prodotti Aicon Industry

AICON INDUSTRY has reinvented traditional design concepts by focusing on three main lines of action:

  1. Ensuring smooth operation and minimal service requirements over time.
  2. Optimising technology at competitive prices.
  3. Achieving the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

All our electronic devices are built to the same meticulous design criteria: high-frequency MOSFET technology.

Having total control of the microprocessor functions improves quality and ensures confident handling and proper control of the equipment in any conditions.

By designing and building multifunction platforms using the latest construction technologies available on the market we are able to offer high-level technical content on competitive terms, which satisfies the commercial requirements of even OEM customers who typically operate in mass-volume markets.

AICON INDUSTRY has analysed, identified and selected latest-generation components for its products, to optimise profits and energy performance.

With their adherence to high-level design criteria and use of components from the automotive sector, AICON INDUSTRY products are guaranteed to be reliable, protected and compliant with the strict standards demanded by safety regulations.